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PATCH 08.02.2017 installed!
Admin 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 9th Feb 2017
As always, we strife to bring the server up whenever there is a new update asap for an uninterrupted experience!
Today's patch is now installed.

Patch 08.02.2017
A new patch has been released!

Please restart your games and servers to make sure they receive the latest update to the game.

Steam Connect and passwords should be working properly again. Which should help with services such as
You will now be able to change filters on the server browser while the list is refreshing
The crafting bug involving duped phantom items should now be fixed (Praise Crom!)
Thralls will no longer attack unconscious NPCs 
After a few turns on the wheel of pain the server browser has promised to stop brutalizing network adaptors.

PS: We are working on the Clans crashing Servers and Disappearing Altars issues.

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