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Server reset/wipe brought forward
Admin 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Feb 2017
We are deciding to bring forward the wipe to this weekend due to lack of player activity in the server these days.

For various reasons, ganking/griefing, launch of official servers, it is of the best interest of the community that we continue to fine-tune and improve the gaming experience of the players.

We learn along the way how to make things better. Hence, with this weekend's wipe, we are implementing the following changes.

1. Double XP and Harvest rates. (Currently we plan to make this a permanent change as it makes things a little less jaded for players who have been here before and have invested a lot of time and effort. This will half the time they need to ge tback to where they were before.)

2. House raiding only on weekends. (To prevent griefing and ganking of new players, we will only allow raiding of houses on Friday nights and weekends. This makes the server more forgiving and to prevent a situation of where we are today of everyone leaving due to grievers.)

We aim to make this server fun and as always it will be hosted on the best possible settings of 60 ticrate and high server priority. If for some reason, this server population doesn't go back up, we will just shut it down as there are many servers out there these days and also the official asian servers now.

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